Material and Performance Specification
Material Non-woven Fabric
Contains Latax No
Particle Filter Efficiency ≥98%
Inhalation Resistance ≤10.4
Exhalation Resistance ≤10.3
Fluid Resistance 120mm Hg
Flamability Rating Class I

Description & Classification
Model FN-N95-2020H
Product Name Respirator
Style Cup
Strap Attachment Type Stapled Headstrap
Size Standard, Fits most adults
Measurements W: 5.2” X H: 4.9”
Colour White
Manufactured In Canada
Use Range Medical Facilities
Long term Care Facilities
Personal Protection

Performance Requirements
Test Health Canada Requirements FN-N95-2020H
Particulate Filter Efficiency ≥95% Pass
Inhalation Airflow Resistance < 35 mmH2O (343.2 Pa) Pass
Exhalation Airflow Resistance < 25 mmH2O (245.2 Pa) Pass
Mechanical Strength of Head Strap 10N (0.98kg) Per Headstrap Pass
Fluid Resistance ASTM Level 1 for 80 mm Hg
ASTM Level 2 for 120 mm Hg
ASTM Level 3 for 160 mm Hg
Pass, Level 2
Flamability Rating Class 1 Pass, Class 1

Packaging Specification
Respirator Weight 0.32oz
Respirators in Box 20
Weight of Box with Respirators 0.54 lbs
Box Dimensions L: 5.6” x W: 5” x H: 7.87”
Respirators per Case 180
Boxes per Case 9
Weight of Case 6 lbs
Case Dimensions L: 20” x W: 15.5” x H: 8.75”
Masks per Pallet 7560
Cases per Pallet 42
Pallet Dimensions L: 41” x W: 48” x H: 66”

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